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Diagnostic & surgical equipment

NMC has been working on medical products and services since 2004. We strongly believe in providing the best quality services that are also affordable and accessible. One example of this is diagnostic and surgical equipment.

What is a diagnostic device?

Diagnosis refers to identifying an illness. Different forms of diagnostic devices include stethoscopes, something that is often the first thing people think of when it comes to healthcare in general. These are used (among other things) to help measure heart palpitations or look for the symptoms of issues such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

Other diagnostic devices include sphygmomanometers (used to check blood pressure), opthalmoscopes (check conditions related to the eye) and otoscopes (used to check issues with the ear).

What kind of surgical equipment do medical professionals use?

Surgical equipment includes cutting instruments such as scalpels and scissors, holding instruments like forceps while retractors are used to expose cavities, allowing surgeons to access inside the body as necessary. Finally, you have tissue unifying equipment (such as stitching) in order to get the body fixed up once an operation has been completed.

Getting the best

NMC is committed to ensuring not only the best possible quality in terms of diagnostic and surgical equipment but also providing the best value money in order to allow more people around the world to access affordable medical equipment. To find out more or to become a global partner with NMC please contact us today so we can discuss our products and services in more detail.