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Signs That Your Ankle Has a Sprain That Needs Medical Care

Sprained ankles are a common injury, but that does not mean they should get ignored. When a sprain happens, it is a partial or complete tear in the ligaments that support your ankle. If not addressed quickly, you could be at a greater risk for more sprains in the future and other problems with your foot. If you have pain in your ankle, you may be unsure if you have a small injury or a sprain. Below are signs that your ankle has a sprain that needs medical care.


As you go about your day, you may encounter rough or uneven surfaces to navigate. While making your way from home or work you can twist your ankle, which hurts tremendously. If you notice that your ankle starts to swell, you should see a doctor about a sprained ankle in Joliet. They will need to evaluate the area to determine if you have broken a bone or damage your ligaments.


After an evening or a night of dancing, you may notice that your ankle has a lot of pain the next day. You may shrug this off as lasting effects of the night before. However, if you start to see black or blue bruising, you should get the area evaluated quickly. Plus, the more bruising you see, the more damage the ankle could have. Make an appointment with a professional knowledgeable about a sprained ankle in Joliet to prevent further harm.

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