Don’t Rely on Antidepressant Medication

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Health

Depression is a complex condition. Oftentimes, doctors prescribe traditional medicine that can treat the symptoms, but doesn’t help treat the cause. With so many people on antidepressant medication, it’s common for people to wonder whether or not there are other options. There can be many factors behind someone’s depression. Since there are so many reasons behind it, it doesn’t make sense that people rely on one treatment option solely.

What Causes Depression?

Low serotonin is one of the key reasons antidepressant medication is prescribed. This isn’t the only reason, however. Environmental factors can also play a role. Exposure to heavy metals, allergic reactions to food and traumatic experiences can all play a role in why a person might be depressed. It’s important to think about all of these factors because, at the end of the day, curing what causes it will clear up the symptoms. Fight it from its foundation.

What’s the Problem with Antidepressants?

Many people don’t want to be on medication for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, even if you start out on antidepressant medication simply to cope with a tragic event, the substance is addictive. It can be difficult to quit and oftentimes causes withdrawal symptoms. There are also many side effects that people don’t take into account nor think they have to live with.

How to Quit Antidepressant Medication

If you’re already taking it, you may be wondering how to quit. The best way is to have professional guidance. You want to be able to get out of any toxic environment and create a meal plan full of nutritious food. Then, working with professionals, you can try to find the reason why you were originally depressed. This method allows you to think about your depression’s origins. You can fight the withdrawal symptoms with holistic methods and also learn how to cope with your depression without pills. Click here to visit the website of Alternative To Meds Center.

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