Everything You Need To Know About A Facelift In Naperville, Il

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Health

Facial rejuvenation techniques and treatments continue to top the list of commonly demanded cosmetic procedures. The facelift in Naperville IL is procedure that aims at giving youthful appearances to the face. In this piece, we will discuss everything you need to know about a facelift procedure in one read.

What does it entail?

During surgery, your cosmetic surgeon will administer local anesthesia and sedatives to make the treatment painless and bearable. It takes about two to five hours, depending on the complexity of the surgery. The procedure to get a facelift in Naperville, IL, mainly involves removing excess skin from the face, pulling the skin to make it tighter, and stitching it to complete the surgical procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon will then dress the wounds to promote healing and prevent infections.

What to expect

After surgery, you may be discharged the same day. However, recovery time takes anywhere from two to four weeks. Your cosmetic surgeon may prescribe pain medication after the facelift in Naperville, IL, to help with the discomfort during recovery

Are you a good candidate?

Cosmetic surgeons generally recommend facelift on healthy individuals who can recover from surgery quickly and will advise strongly on having realistic expectations.

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