What To Expect From Your LASIK Surgery

by | May 17, 2018 | Eyes Vision

It’s easy to be frightened by things you don’t understand, so before going into your LASIK surgery, it’s good to know what to expect during the procedure and afterward. Relieving the facts of the surgery that you will be facing will help ease any anxieties you may have.

What is it?

LASIK Surgery is the correction of the cornea through laser assistance. This surgery is defined by the Mayo Clinic as a refractive surgery that benefits people suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatism.

What happens?

The surgery itself only takes about 30 minutes and is an outpatient procedure, meaning you will be able to go home directly after. As the FDA details, you will be laying in a reclining chair as the surgery works above you. Either a laser keratome or a mechanical microkeratome will be used to cut a microscopic flap in your cornea. Once your eye is in the right position, the surgeon will start the laser. This laser uses a super-fine beam of ultra-violet light to painlessly remove the tissue. It would only be shaving off fractions of cells in your eyes to reshape the cornea to the desired outcome. No stitches are used once the flap is put back so you will be given a shield to wear after your surgery to ensure no harm comes to the eye.

What about after?

You may feel some itchiness or discomfort in your eye but do not touch it. You also may experience blurry vision or light spots but these should clear up after the first few days. Schedule regular postoperative visits with your doctor to make sure that the eye is healing correctly. It is crucial to not wear any eye makeup for about two weeks or the amount of time as reviewed by your doctor. Make sure you continue to wear the eye shield for the required amount of time, usually up to a month. Do not play any sports for up to a month afterward. After your LASIK surgery, the doctor will tell you exactly what guide to follow in making sure that you remain safe and healthy.

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