Four Easy and Essential Supplements You Need to Stay Healthy

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Health

It’s never been easier to stay healthy; science has pinpointed the various nutrients our bodies need, and companies that make vitamins and supplements have responded to the demand with a vast array of affordable vitamins and supplements in Draper. Let’s take a look at just a small sampling of some of the easiest and most beneficial supplements you need.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is one of the best anti-inflammatory supplements you can get. Inflammation is a factor in almost every type of degenerative disease. Unfortunately, the typical American diet has a lot of inflammation-inducing Omega-6 oils and very few anti-inflammatory Omega-3s. This beneficial and healthy oil also supports healthy hair and skin, healthy brain function, and muscle growth.


Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria inside your gut. Supplementing your beneficial bacteria can relieve digestive issues, allergic reactions, and even improve your mental health. Surprisingly, brain chemicals, like serotonin, are produced in your intestines. Be sure to purchase a probiotic supplement that has a broad spectrum of beneficial bacteria species for the best results.


This is an essential mineral that assists the body with more than 300 enzyme processes. In fact, a magnesium deficiency may contribute to migraine headaches, muscle cramps, and even heart disease. Taking a magnesium supplement before bedtime will help you get a full night’s rest as well as nourish your body in many healthy ways.


A small insufficiency of any micronutrient, mineral, or vitamin can be detrimental to your health. A good multivitamin will easily keep your body in balance. It’s difficult to determine which vitamins and minerals you may lack, but a high-quality multivitamin can give you what you need.

You owe it to yourself to regularly take your vitamins and supplements in Draper. Supplementing with the right things can keep your body healthy with little effort on your part.

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