Get Your Confidence Back with Vaginal Laxity Treatment

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Health Care

A woman’s health concern that is not always discussed is vaginal laxity. It’s a common and overlooked health matter in which many women suffer. If you have had a vaginal delivery chances are you’ve experienced some level of vaginal laxity. There are also other factors that can cause vaginal laxity including aging, lifestyle, physical stress, genetic predisposition and some medical conditions that affect collagen levels in vaginal tissue and skin. The term laxity is used to express the feeling of looseness. It is a weakening that results in decreased sensation as well as enjoyment of intercourse. However, it can also cause incontinence or leaking of urine when you perform certain movements such as skipping, jumping, coughing, laughing or even sneezing.

Vaginal Laxity Has a Huge Impact on Your Life

Not being able to trust your body can create a huge negative impact on the quality of your life. It can lead to embarrassment, lack of confidence and isolation. It is advisable to seek vaginal laxity treatment in Toronto area so that you can regain a higher quality of life. Such treatment can include pelvic floor physiotherapy with exercises, called Kegel exercises, that tighten your pelvic floor muscles. This type of treatment has been a top choice for many women. You need to make sure that you are doing them correctly so that muscle tone can be improved. However, Kegel exercises don’t address your loss of elasticity within the soft tissue that rests on the muscle which contributes to vaginal laxity.

Try New Painless Procedures

Today you can opt for in-office painless procedures that delivers the right amount of radio frequency to the tissues beneath the skin of your vagina. This type of deep therapy actually activates fibroblasts that will help to produce new collagen as well as stimulate the remodeling of your vaginal tissue. The results have been clinically proven to decrease incontinence and improve your sexual function.

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