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How To Find The Right Residential Treatment Centers In Utah

How To Find The Right Residential Treatment Centers In Utah

If you’ve decided to stop drinking or doing drugs, you’ve already made one of the hardest decisions of your life. You’ve probably done a lot of research on how to do it and have decided to go with residential treatment centers in Utah. Now, you have to find the right center for your needs and may want some help figuring out which one will be right for you.

Stay Length

It is important to determine how long you’ll be at the center. Some do 30 days, 90 days or 60 days, while some will do something different. Understanding which one is right for you may be hard, but it can help you succeed at kicking the habit.

Programs Available

Determine what programs are available at different residential treatment centers in Utah and if they cover your addiction type. For example, some help those with drug addictions of any kind while others focus primarily on alcoholism or a particular drug.


How much do the residential treatment centers in Utah cost for the duration of your stay and how will you pay? Some places take insurance while some will offer financing or a sliding-scale fee for those without insurance or whose insurance won’t help.

Staff Credentials

Next, you should look at the credentials of the employees. There should at least be a doctor, nurse, counselor and therapist, as well as a psychologist and/or psychiatrist.


Determine what their philosophy is when it comes to rehabilitation. Do they use the 12-steps of alcoholism or drug abuse? Are they faith-based or evidence-based? Do they take an entirely medical standpoint?

Relapse Prevention Options

Relapses are a possibility, even when using a center. What options do they provide for preventing these relapses and how do they handle aftercare needs? For more information visit  Alpine Recovery Lodge.