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Live Pain Free by Visiting a Chiropractor in St Louis

Live Pain Free by Visiting a Chiropractor in St Louis

Life should be pain free. Many times people live with chronic pain that is the result of injuries sustained long ago and either not treated or not treated properly. Others may have congenital abnormalities that do not flare up as painful conditions until after adulthood. Still others are injured in automobile accidents or athletic events. Sometimes simply bending over can cause severs pain throughout the back, neck and shoulders. Whatever the reason and without regard to the length of time, one experiences pain chiropractic treatment may provide a cure.

The body’s central nervous system is housed in the spine. As long as the spine is in proper alignment, the nerves that branch out to the extremities are not restricted and pain should not occur. It is when the spine is out of alignment that nerves impinge upon causing them to send a signal to the brain that something is amiss. That signal results in restriction of the muscles surrounding the nerve endings and causes pain.

The chiropractor adjusts or manipulates the spine to return it to the proper alignment. The movements are minor and not painful, and are typically accompanied by sounds that resemble one cracking his or her knuckles. Relief from pain is usually immediate, although repeated adjustments may be required to keep the normal alignment, as muscle memory sometimes pulls the vertebrae back out of line.

Visiting a Chiropractor in St Louis for the first time will closely mirror the initial visit to any health care facility. Unless the pain is severe and requires immediate treatment, the first visit will consist mainly of information gathering. Height, weight, blood pressure and pulse are taken along with a complete medical history. Care should be taken to list all broken bones and injuries that are not in evidence or that have occurred recently. X-rays may be taken as well.

When searching for the right clinic, one should refer to a user-based rating such as Angie’s List, which exists in all major cities. That will facilitate finding the Chiropractor in St Louis that specializes in treating the type and location of pain or injury. Most feature a Back And Neck Care Center but some offer a wider range of care than others.