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Looking for a Children’s Primary Care Doctor in EL Cajon?

Children are active from the day they are born, and explore the world with all their senses. This can often lead to injury or illness, and a Primary Care Doctor in EL Cajon is needed. A primary care doctor that specializes in pediatric medicine for newborns to young adults up to age 21 can cover your family health needs for years to come. Primary care doctors like those at the Children’s Physicians Medical Group, are specially trained to care for children and young adults. Their focus is on insuring that children stay happy and healthy and parents have the tools and resources they need.

Pediatric focused doctors provide the specialized care that children need and can help parents navigate the exciting, but often rocky, road of parenting. Experienced staff can answer questions or direct you to specialists if needed. A full service office can provide not just routine primary care for the common cold and immunizations, but also specialized care such as allergy testing or dietary guidance. Minor surgery, such as circumcision and stitches, can be performed in-house. Asthma treatment and maintenance, ophthalmology and oncology services can also be done in a full service clinic. During flu season, having a trusted doctor on call can take the weight and worry off of a busy mom and dad. Chronic issues such as diabetes, hypertension, pain management can also be handled in the clinic.

Pediatric primary care doctors can guide new parents through the first exciting but exhausted days of parenting. Answering questions for the new frantic parent can help reduce worry and stress so that they can enjoy their newborn as they grow and develop.

Pediatric specialists can also be your first stop for worries such as development delays, ADHD or autism. They have the experience to guide you in the tests and therapies that your child may need. For the growing young adult a pediatric Primary Care Doctor in EL Cajon can provide PAP services, pregnancy testing, and lifestyle and nutrition counseling. A pediatric focused doctor can answer your questions and provide treatment and support for every age and stage as your child grows.

Children’s Physicians Medical Group (CPMG) is the only medical network in San Diego County and southern Riverside specializing solely in children’s health from birth through age 18. For more information visit