The Bodily and Mental Benefits of Cognitive Functioning Therapy

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Child Care Agency

Maybe you have back pain, have shooting pains in other parts of your body – or know someone who does. Regardless of your personal relationship with pain, neither you nor your friends and family need be stuck with it.

With the help of cognitive functioning therapy Miami, you can attack the psychological roots of pain and root it out once and for all.

Confronting Your Fears

You may think that your personal fears have nothing to do with your aches and pains.

However, you would be wrong.

There are all manner of ways in which one’s psychological anguish can manifest in physical pain.

Cognitive functioning therapy works to get to the root of these issues by combining psychology with physical therapy to help produce behavioral and lifestyle changes necessary for long-term healing.

How it Works

The cognitive aspect of cognitive functioning therapy delves into your personal beliefs and how they build cycles of disability and pain.
Once those issues have been successfully diagnosed, you can move on to specific treatments for addressing and normalizing maladaptive or provocative movement issues.

From there, you can proceed to functional integration of physical actions you’re avoiding due to pain – such as walking, bending, lifting, sitting, and so on – back into your life via physical therapy.

Repeating this cycle of identification and specialized therapy can help address all manner of mentally-rooted physical ailments.
Pain doesn’t have to be a permanent defining fixture of your life.

Get started with CFT today and discover a new way to alleviate pain and achieve bodily and mental peace.

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