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Naples FL Athletes: 3 Benefits of Sports Injury Treatment

As an athlete, you know that injuries can keep you from participating in your favorite sports for weeks, months or even years. If you suffer a sports injury, you need a medical team that specializes in rehabilitation for athletes. Here are three benefits of sports injury treatment from a professional sports medicine physician.

Expertise in Sports Injuries

A family physician or orthopedic surgeon can repair the damage caused by your sports injury, but these medical professionals do not provide support to help you regain your stamina, strength and performance. Sports injury treatment by a Naples, FL, sports medicine professional is a more comprehensive approach designed specifically for athletes.

Managed Rehabilitation

A sports medicine physician closely monitors your healing and improvements in performance. This level of care for athletes ensures that you are ready to return to your favorite sports without risk of re-injury or new injuries.

Get Back in the Game Sooner

You can rehabilitate your body on your own after a sports injury, but it may take you longer. You also risk damaging the joints, muscles, tendons and other tissues if the rehabilitation is not performed properly. A sports medicine physician helps you heal properly in less time.

Reduced Risk of Problems in the Future

Sports injury treatment for Naples, FL, athletes provides a multi-faceted treatment approach that minimizes the risk of issues in the future, such as arthritis and chronic pain. These types of medical concerns can prematurely end your career as an athlete.

Learn More About Sports Injury Treatment

Kelly Malinoski, DPM, specializes in sports injury treatment for Naples, FL, athletes, as well as pediatric podiatry, foot and ankle care and surgical interventions. Call us today to schedule an appointment.