Do You Need Veterinary Services in Richmond If Your Dog Eats Chocolate?

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Health

Your dog is an opportunistic eater; dogs are herbivores by necessity but they would likely prefer to be carnivores. Ideally, you will feed your dog a healthy diet of natural dog foods that provides him or her with the nutrients that he or she needs and the taste that he or she wants. However, it’s not uncommon for your dog to want the food that you’re eating anyway. They don’t always know what is best for them, either. One of the most common problems for a dog is chocolate. Dogs cannot process chocolate effectively and too much of it can be dangerous. If your dog eats chocolate, do you need veterinary services?

How Much Chocolate?

The first thing to ask yourself before you call for veterinary services in Richmond is how much chocolate your dog ate. If you have a large breed dog and he or she eats one or two bites of chocolate, he or she likely will be fine. However, you should still call a vet. You probably don’t need to immediately rush out to have him or her treated, but you do need to keep an eye on your dog.

You should call Here for advice. Eating chocolate makes your dog excessively thirsty. So, you should make sure that your dog has an abundance of water. You probably want to let him or her outside as well; chocolate can cause diarrhea in dogs.

How Often?

If your dog eats chocolate routinely, you need to call veterinary services to make sure that it is not creating longer-term problems. You also need to figure out a better system for hiding your chocolate from your dog. For example, if your dog can climb on counters, you shouldn’t keep chocolate out in the open. Some dogs are even smart enough to open refrigerators; therefore, that would not be a viable solution. Prevention is the key.

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