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Opiate Withdrawal Medication: What You Should Know

Opiate Withdrawal Medication: What You Should Know

Opioids are prescription drugs used for pain relief. However, they have addictive properties that make it risky to go on them for too long.

Dependence and addiction

Prolonged use of prescription drugs can lead to physical dependence, the Medline Plus says. The minute you attempt to go off the drug, the withdrawal symptoms will start. To keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay, a lot of people often continue to take the drug. But to achieve the same effect or high, they realize they need to take it in bigger amounts and within shorter intervals. By this time, the dependence has turned into an addiction.

Withdrawal symptoms

People who suffer from addiction will experience withdrawal symptoms that are likely to include stomach pain, sleep disorders, diarrhea, chills and goosebumps, nausea and vomiting as well as body aches and agitation. You are also likely to suffer from a craving for drugs and bad moods.

Medication assistance

While some programs rely on the use of therapy and other treatment modalities to cure the addiction, some use medication. If this option suits you, then finding a facility that offers opiate withdrawal medication in Fort Lauderdale is a good move for you.

Consultation and advice

The best way to move forward with your treatment, though, is to consult with a professional substance abuse disorder doctor or counselor. Find someone to talk to about your condition. Tests and exams carried out by qualified medical staff can help you determine which treatment programs are right for you. They can also help you assess programs that offer opiate withdrawal medication in Fort Lauderdale and decide which one is a good fit for your needs and budget.

Finding treatment isn’t easy. But using medication can get you a few steps closer to your goal of living your life drug-free in the future.