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Why Should Parents Seek Help From Family Physicians in Andover Kansas When Their Child is Sick?

If your child has a fever, do not cover him or her up too much (a light cotton pajama set is enough). Make sure they drink fluids very often. Aerate their room at least 10 minutes a day. Parents can give the child Tylenol and Ibuprofen, alternating both. It is crucial to follow the doses according to the weight of the child and their age. No other medication should be given without the advice of Family Physicians in Andover Kansas.

If your child has a stuffy nose, put physiological saline drops into their nose regularly. It will be easier for the child to blow his or her nose. If it is a baby, or if it is too small to blow their nose, use a suction device. If the child is coughing, be advised that no cough medication should be given without their doctor’s advice. Coughing is a defense reaction and can, in some cases, help heal the child naturally. To protect children, it is recommended to vaccinate them.

Have your child vaccinated against measles, mumps, and rubella by the MMR vaccine that protects against these 3 diseases. It is recommended in all children from the age of 1 year, in young adults and women of child-bearing age. Two injections are necessary. Check that the child is well immunized and protected against whooping cough too. For the past few years, there has been a lot of whooping cough cases among the young and the old. It can be dangerous and even fatal. The vaccine can be done at the same time as DT Polio (diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis). Family Physicians in Andover Kansas can provide these vaccines.

Here are a few simple gestures to avoid diseases and the spread of them. Teach your child to wash their hands thoroughly each time they go home, after going to the bathroom and before eating. If you are suffering from a cold, wear a mask (sold in a pharmacy) before taking care of the children to avoid contaminating them. Do not smoke inside your home. Open your windows at least 5 minutes every day to ventilate the area if you do. Be careful that it does not get too hot in the house either: 71°F during the day and 68°F at night is perfect. To learn more, visit the website.