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Realize Your Fitness Goals, Finally: Personal Training in Mount Vernon, WA

Attaining the body of your dreams is an arduous, profoundly rewarding journey. Your likelihood of successful completion increases enormously with the wisdom, support and guidance of a seasoned personal trainer. Just like everybody’s body is different, every optimal personal training regimen is different. Here’s a brief look at personal training techniques that, over time, continue to prove most successful.

Total Body Scan

Whether you’re after personal training in Mount Vernon, WA, or elsewhere, a total body scan is a must. The scan gathers unilateral measurements of your silhouette and your body’s major muscle groups.

The results indicate your Body Fat Percentage (BF%), lean body mass and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The scan also culminates with a postural analysis, a weight transfer assessment, a fun and interesting 3D avatar of your body, a timeline of gains and reductions, and a timeline of your 3D transformation.

Armed with all of this vital information, your personal trainer can prescribe a program. The program takes all the info of your total body scan and your fitness history into account, capitalizing on your unique body type, inherent potential and specific fitness goals.

Done in Record Time

A comprehensive, free consultation for personal training in Mount Vernon, WA, takes less than an hour. Plus, private training programs entail a 15-day money back satisfaction guarantee, and any Group Training Program (GTP) offers a seven-day free trial.

Explore Fitness Gear & Training today, your dedicated and knowledgeable personal training in Mount Vernon, WA, offering ahead-of-trend, tailored fitness programs in a non-intimidating, boutique fitness atmosphere.