Reasons You May Need a Foot Doctor

Reasons You May Need a Foot Doctor

When it comes to scheduling appointments with doctors, you probably have a few who come to the top of the list. For example, you might make annual appointments with your primary care physician for a check-up and see your dentist on a regular basis. However, you might not consider the reasons to see what a South Side Chicago foot doctor has to offer. Taking into account situations in which you should seek this assistance is important.

Numbness in Your Feet

Think about all of the surfaces that you step on with your bare feet. Whether you like to go to the beach and walk on the sand or you take your shoes and socks off as soon as you get into the house, your feet are exposed to a great deal. Numbness in your feet can be a problem because if you step on an object and cut your foot, you might not notice until you have an infection. Numb feet can also be a sign of certain diseases.

Injuries and Wounds

Do you have a serious injury or wound? You should seek the help of a South Side Chicago foot doctor. The fact that your feet are exposed means that cuts and wounds are perfect places for diseases to fester. It can also be difficult to care for your feet on your own since you’re likely on them for a large part of the day.

Problems Due to Disease

Some medical conditions have specific potential consequences for the feet. For example, if you suffer from diabetes, you need to pay attention to issues with your feet. Consulting with this type of doctor can help you to learn precautionary measures and to take the proper steps if an issue arises.

Whether you have a medical condition or you are actively working to prevent one, monitoring your feet is important. To do so, schedule an appointment with Mitchell Foot & Ankle as soon as possible. Like us on our facebook page.