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Reasons People have Tummy Tucks

Reasons People have Tummy Tucks

Everyone has his or her own reason for deciding to have an abdominoplasty which is more commonly referred to as a tummy tuck. Many women have them done because of the presence of stretch marks caused by a pregnancy. On the other hand, men in Chicago have tummy tucks to try and get rid of their middle age bulge. Both men and women will exercise and diet which can tone and tighten their abdominal muscles. but cannot do anything about the extra loose skin on their abdominal region. When they have a tummy tuck performed, the loose skin is transformed into a smoother surface.

Societal Expectations

It is a fact that we live in a society that worships youth and who doesn’t want to fit in? A flatter, firmer stomach cannot only help to achieve that, but also gives the appearance of a well-proportioned figure. Another reason it is that people themselves look back on their youth when they were active and their stomachs were toned. Living in Chicago and having a tummy tuck performed gives them a great reason to smile when they stand sideways in a full-length mirror.

Positive Self image

A tummy tuck allows people to believe that if they can achieve a firmer stomach and a more youthful appearance, then other things are possible as well. They have more self-confidence and more belief in themselves. Another thing that happens after the surgery is that people can stop wearing oversized clothes that they had used to hide themselves and begin wearing clothes that are more suited to their new figure and that makes them feel better about themselves. If you are ready to stop hiding in your oversized clothing, make the call to discuss your options regarding a tummy tuck with a skilled surgeon at Chicagoland Aesthetics.