Choosing the Right Hearing Aid with an Audiology Doctor in Knoxville TN

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Health

An audiology doctor in Knoxville TN reverses the effects of hearing loss. Even though it doesn’t seem evident in the description of hearing loss, it can lead to depreciated brain function over time. The brain is gradually altered with an uncorrected hearing loss. These findings connect impaired hearing to dementia. Even with the earliest phase of hearing loss, the brain can lose cognition skills. Disarray in the mind happens when the part of the brain responsible for hearing begins to function in a different way. That section of the brain once meant for hearing is used for other brain functions. Since that part of the brain is not compatible to be used for other mental processes, it has an adverse effect on brain health as a whole.

The end goal an Audiology Doctor in Knoxville TN has for patients is to specify how far hearing loss has gone, prevent brain function from declining, and offer hearing aid choices that completely resolves the problem. In order to deliver consummate service, a hearing assessment must have been rendered no more than three months before purchasing a hearing aid. When the options for hearing aid models is given to patients, they can wear them for a trial period. The trial period allows them to make a personal assessment of the performance and comfort of their device. If the hearing aid works as expected, it can be purchased after the experimental period. The device can be returned with no charge if the results are not satisfactory.

The right hearing aid is selected for a person based on lifestyle and how they want it to fit. Designs are made to be secured behind or in the ear. Factors to consider for choosing the way a hearing aid functions is based on what customers do in their everyday life. Those who spend a lot of their time out in settings where there is a lot of background noise would need a device with high-grade noise canceling features. Those who spend more time at home and communicate a lot over the phone need a device that delivers high-resolution sound in telecommunications. Individuals who regularly spend time in both types of environments need full-featured hearing aids. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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