Should You See an Optometrist in Huntsville, AL?

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Eyes Vision

There is often some confusion about the basic job of an optometrist as opposed to other types of eye doctors. These are generally what people mean when they say that they need to see an eye doctor. These doctors have degrees in optometry, which is the study of vision and related issues. Specifically, the word optometry means measuring vision, which is what they do. They will measure your vision, look for signs of disease or defect, inspect the eye health, and recommend corrective lenses if necessary.

How Often?

How often you need to see an optometrist in Huntsville, AL depends on your eye health. If your eyes are healthy and you do not need corrective lenses, then you should probably see a doctor about once a year. This will be to make sure that your vision is not changing without you noticing. Changes in vision that are gradual are often unnoticed by you. For example, if your vision at a distance slowly becomes worse, you might have a hard time remembering how well you could see at distance a year or two ago. A doctor will be able to monitor and quantify the changes.

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Corrective Lenses

An optometrist will also measure your eyes and diagnose vision problems. He or she will be able to prescribe corrective lenses that will help to fix your vision if not fix the underlying problem. The eye has to reflect light properly for you to see properly. In some cases, the eye is simply deformed and cannot be corrected without surgery. A corrective lens compensates for the deformity and allows you to see normally.

In other instances, they can suggest certain kinds of corrective lenses that can actually make changes to the shape or nature of the eye. You just need to ask a doctor about what’s possible.

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