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When Should You Seek Chronic Wounds Treatment in Joliet, IL?

When Should You Seek Chronic Wounds Treatment in Joliet, IL?

Your feet take the majority of the abuse day to day. Every time that you walk or run somewhere, your feet are interacting with the ground. If you’re in the wrong shoes or if you are just overworking your feet, you can actually injure them. Sometimes you will need chronic wounds treatment even though there hasn’t been a single inciting incident. Over time, the repetitive stress can cause an injury. There are several kinds of repetitive stress injuries that you might feel in your feet.


A neuroma is a swelling of the nerves in your feet. It can cause considerable pain and swelling. That swelling can cause your feet to no longer fit comfortably in your shoes, which can in turn cause more swelling and more pain. These are very common for runners and those who work in manual labor. They’re a common reason why someone would seek out chronic wounds treatment in Joliet, IL.

If you’ve been having swelling and pain, especially at joints in your feet, you should seek out foot doctors. The experts at a place such as Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates will be able to diagnose and treat it.

Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is a tendon that runs underneath the arch of your feet. It is used to create tension and spring when you walk. From overuse or repeated stress, it can become inflamed. That inflammation can be a tear or just an irritation. You’ll feel the effects as pain near the heel of your foot. It will likely be worse when you first wake up or any time that your tendons have been allowed to contract for extended periods of time. There are some types of chronic wounds treatment for plantar fasciitis that have had some success. You should ask your doctors what can be done about plantar fasciitis and any other foot pain.

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