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Senior Care Pharmacy

Senior Care Pharmacy

A senior care pharmacy is a pharmacy which caters to the unique needs of residents at long-term care facilities and retirement centers.

In 2014, there were over 1.4 million elderly residents in senior care facilities in the United States. These residents all have special needs when it comes to their prescription medications. The goal of a senior care pharmacy is to address these needs and provide support and services for their elderly patients.

Senior Medications

With the “baby boomer” population beginning to turn 70, many of our elderly population are entering senior care facilities. Today, nearly 92% of elderly residents in a care facility have at least one chronic condition being treated with medication.

Improving Health

Ensuring the elderly is prescribed and receive the appropriate medications is an important part, if not the most important part, of preventing illnesses, safely controlling chronic conditions, and improving quality of life. The elderly population is at a higher risk for medication-related problems due to the aging body.

A senior care pharmacy is able to consult with their patients and look for any type of medication-related problems such as confusion, depression, disorientation, or any other issues stemming from medication use.

Medication Management

A senior care pharmacy will not only fill the medications of our older population but also help manage their medications to improve their outcome. Medication management can be confusing and overwhelming for many people because many patients are prescribed multiple medications. A pharmacy specializing in senior care knows and understands the complexities that of caring for the elderly. They can ensure appropriate, effective, and the safe use of their prescription medications.

A senior care pharmacy is committed to providing excellent service and can expedite orders when needed, reduce medication-related issues, reduce health risks, and respond to the special needs of their elderly customers.