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Signs it’s Time to Call a Gluten Allergy Doctor in Evansville, IN

Signs it’s Time to Call a Gluten Allergy Doctor in Evansville, IN

It is not uncommon for gluten allergies, more accurately known as gluten intolerance, to be mistaken for celiac disease. In reality, though, they are different conditions entirely. While the two conditions do share some symptoms, celiac disease is actually an autoimmune disorder, rather than an allergy, so it requires treatment from a different kind of doctor.

Not sure whether a recurrent stomach upset may be due to gluten intolerance? Stay on the lookout for the following common signs and symptoms and head to a Gluten Allergy Doctor in Evansville IN

Diarrhea and Constipation

The occasional bout of indigestion is nothing to be worried about, but if digestive issues are coming up every day, it may be due to a gluten allergy. Celiac disease can also cause diarrhea and constipation. However, it also causes poor nutrient absorption, which comes with additional side effects, as well.

Pain and Bloating

There are also multiple potential underlying causes for frequent abdominal pain and bloating. Those who are suffering from gluten intolerance often find that they become uncomfortably bloated and experience abdominal pain more frequently, though. Their pain and bloating are also less likely to be related to overeating or lifestyle factors.

Regular Headaches

When they occur in combination with the other symptoms listed above, regular headaches may also be a sign of a gluten allergy. While it doesn’t make sense to consult a Gluten Allergy Doctor in Evansville IN for every headache, it’s worth ruling out an intolerance if the patient has recently developed frequent headaches that occur after eating.

Persistent Fatigue

When no other medical condition is present that could explain persistent fatigue, this ongoing tiredness may be a sign of a gluten allergy. As with the other symptoms of gluten intolerance, fatigue can be caused by any number of other medical and non-medical problems, as well, which must be ruled out. If many of these symptoms are occurring at once, it’s worth making an appointment with an allergy specialist.

Get Help Today

Gluten allergies can be challenging to diagnose. That shouldn’t mean patients have to suffer forever, though. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a specialist that can help, instead.