Basics of Becoming a Male

by | May 30, 2019 | Transgender Surgeons

If you’re planning to have transgender surgery, there are a few details that you should know about before the procedure. This should be a decision that you don’t take lightly and that you make because you want to instead of what others want from you. Your transgender surgery from female to male is one that is usually performed in a few different stages to allow your body to heal. A mastectomy is usually performed first to remove the breasts. This part of the transformation us usually combined with a hysterectomy and an ovariectomy to remove the ovaries.

Another step in the transgender surgery female-to-male process is transforming the genitals so that they have a masculine appearance. Your doctor will perform a detailed reconstruction of the urethra as well as a vaginectomy. After you’ve healed, then the next steps in the transgender process from a female to a male can begin. This includes a penile prosthesis as well as a testicular prosthesis. Once the surgery is complete, you’ll usually be able to feel sensations in the tip of the penile prosthesis.

One thing to keep in mind during the process is that a minimal amount of tissue will be kept in your breasts so that you can get the definition that you desire to appear as a male. The nipples will be repositioned so that they have a normal appearance. The breast surgery will depend on the size of your breasts and how much tissue needs to be removed. Most of the time, the basics of the transgender process will be performed during one surgery so that you don’t need to have multiple procedures. The urethra is usually elongated before a pelvic floor is established for the reconstruction of the scrotum in order to prepare for the penile prosthesis to complete the surgical process.

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