What is a Sport Massage in Honolulu HI?

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Health

A Sport massage in Honolulu HI is one that caters to the muscles associated with a specific sport. They are customized to address the parts of the body the person indicates get stiff and sore often. A tennis player, for example, will request work on the shoulders and arms. Another person who plays tennis may need the lower back and knees massaged.

A runner will desire a massage that soothes the feet and legs, while a wrestler may request a deep tissue massage and hot stones to ease tension in the entire body. The point is the massage will suit individual needs. This type of massage is excellent for professional athletes, school athletes, enthusiasts, those who engage in weekend football games in the park, gardeners, and bowling league participants.

Certain Occupations

People in occupations that require a great deal of movement will also want to schedule a Sport massage in Honolulu HI. Landscapers, construction workers, window washers, and factory workers, along with any other profession that require strenuous and repetitive movements will benefit from this personalized massage format.


A sport massage will also help prevent injuries due to overuse. Tennis elbow, shin splints, and carpal tunnel syndrome are some of the injuries and conditions that can be avoided with massage. The body becomes more flexible as massages are continued. It is no guarantee an injury will be completely prevented, but the risks are lowered dramatically.

Gift Certificates

Massages make wonderful gifts for any occasion. It can be difficult to know what to get an individual. Someone who loves sports will probably have all the equipment needed. Clothing needs to be tried on for a great fit. A massage that will erase the tensions and aches of the sport is always appreciated. Those interested in scheduling a massage or giving one as a gift can Click here for detailed information.

Staying Mobile

Exercise is vital to a healthy lifestyle so enjoying a sport will have lasting benefits for the body. Many people cease to participate because they feel pain or stiffness. Starting off slow, checking with a doctor to determine which forms of exercise is best, and getting a massage will motivate people to continue exercising. Find us on Facebook!

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