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St. Paul, MN, Offers Comfort and Safe Spaces to Live While in Drug Recovery

Adult men in need of support and a place to stay during substance abuse recovery in St. Paul, MN. Sober living homes near St. Paul, MN, are a good choice as they are carved out of large existing homes in residential areas. If you are male and in need of a recovery home, there are some things you can expect from living in one of these houses.

Strict Rules to Follow

While it’s true that you are an adult and you are living in a recovery home of your own accord, there are still rules to follow. Failure to follow those rules results in consequences, just as it would if you were in inpatient hospital treatment for substance abuse. No drugs or alcohol are allowed into the home, and all visitors have to have clearance with house staff, particularly if the visitors are female in an all-male house. Guests may be searched if contraband is suspected.

There is a Curfew and a Reason for Curfew

With St. Paul sober living homes, there is a curfew, and there is a reason for the curfew. A time limit may be set for the entire house, or individual curfew times may be set based on a case-by-case basis. The curfews exist to prevent the introduction of contraband substances that could otherwise inhibit or reverse the progress of one’s housemates. For that reason, all residents are encouraged to follow their curfews to the minute.

If you still want to get sober while living comfortably, contact The Recovery Academy today.