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Stair Lift Repair In Pittsburgh PA Can Keep You Moving

A stair lift is a great way to give an individual the mobility they need to go up and down the steps. This is very important when the bedroom and bathroom are on the second floor of a home. It can keep an individual’s life closer to their normal routine. When a stair lift is installed, there can be a possibility of it breaking. Stair Lift Repair in Pittsburgh PA is performed for free the first year an individual owns one. Service is available seven days a week, so an individual won’t be without the use of their stair lift for very long.

Why Is A Stair Lift Beneficial?

Stair lifts fit the stairs and not to the wall. They don’t use a lot of energy to operate and they’re affordable and built to last. If a problem does occur with the stair lift, a highly-trained technician will be there in no time at all to get it running again.

What Happens If The Power Goes Out?

Even if the power goes out in a home, a stair lift can still be used if the individual purchased a battery back-up pack. This is highly recommended so an individual can remain mobile during this time.

What Are Other Helping Items To Lift An Individual?

A chair lift is another thing to consider when an individual has difficulty getting out of a chair. A chairlift can be chosen with fabric that will fit into the decor of a home and is extremely durable. When an individual wants to get out of the chair, they can push a button and it will gently lift them to a standing position without the help of a caregiver.

Putting A Family At Ease

Items that improve a loved one’s mobility will help to put the family at ease. In certain cases, it can be difficult to have a caregiver available to help a loved one out of a chair or up the steps, and a stair lift and a lift chair will improve their quality of life.

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