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Take Advantage of Compression Stockings in Pittsburgh PA: Read These Four Tips

Compression stockings do more than apply pressure to the legs. They alleviate pain and help reduce swelling, while also promoting blood flow. Not just any stockings will do for everyone, though. Compression Stockings in Pittsburgh PA come in all different sizes and styles. Read these four tips to learn how to take best advantage of what these medical socks offer.

Choose Full-Length Stockings

There are several lengths you can choose when looking for stockings. There are shorter options that only cover the calves and longer pairs that cover the majority of the leg. Getting both ensures people have the size they need when they need it. The best option is usually to choose the most full-length options, though, as they cover a larger portion of the body. They will promote blood flow throughout all parts of the legs and keep the swelling down.

Purchase Several Styles

Never wear the same pair of stockings over and over again. The pair will lose its ability to apply pressure if it became worn and stretched out beyond its limits. Purchase several styles so they can be changed out regularly. There are various color options available that will also help to stand out among the accessories in the closet.

Replace Pairs After No More Than Six Months

No matter how often people switch up pairs, most compression stockings do not last longer than six months. It is best to replace all pairs in this time frame so the owner can rest assured that the styles they purchased will work as intended.

Get a Stocking Butler

Stockings can sometimes prove difficult to get on all the way. There is such as thing as stocking butler, which holds open the stocking as the person steps into it. It is often easier to use than just attempting to hold open the stocking and step in with no assistance. The device is especially beneficial for someone with a disability that makes it hard to bend and move.

Compression Stockings in Pittsburgh PA come in a wide variety of options. These medical socks have many advantages for people to utilize. Anyone looking for new pairs should first read these four tips to ensure they get the right kinds and can put them on easily. Visit the website to find some pairs to add to the collection.