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Tips for Choosing Womens Wigs in Arizona

Tips for Choosing Womens Wigs in Arizona

There is no wrong reason to buy a new wig. Some women do so to hide the effects of cancer treatments or thinning hair, while others simply want to try out a new look. These reasons are all valid. Choosing a wig shouldn’t have to be a huge challenge, but the sheer variety of Womens Wigs in Arizona can certainly make it seem like one. Follow the advice below to get started finding a wig that looks both natural and fabulous.

Determine Head Size

Just like clothes, wigs come in different sizes. The first step toward finding one that will fit correctly is to take some measurements. Thankfully, unlike pants, shirts, and shoes, there are only three sizes to choose from, which makes things a little bit easier. Simply use a tape measure to determine the circumference of the head. Average, or medium sized, wigs are typically designed for those with a circumference of between 21 and 22.5 inches. Most women wear an average sized wig, so the largest variety of options are available in this size. Those with exceptionally large or small heads shouldn’t be discouraged, though. Specialists like Donte’s of New York provide wigs to fit any size.

Think About Hair Type

Womens Wigs in Arizona can be made from either synthetic materials or natural human hair. Human hair wigs look great and are difficult to distinguish from normal hair. However, it’s important to note that they require a lot of upkeep. Since the hair does not come directly into contact with the wearer’s scalp, they can become brittle and dry without adequate maintenance. Synthetic wigs require less maintenance. They are often less expensive as well, but this is partially off-set by the fact that, even with proper maintenance, they can only be expected to last between four and six months.

Choose a Style

Length, color, and style are all completely dependent on personal preference. Consider looking at some pictures in magazines, or think about what hairstyles have looked best in the past. Some wearers choose to purchase wigs that are completely different from their natural hair. It can be fun to experiment, but for those who want a wig that resembles their natural hair, it’s best to bring along a sample that reflects the desired color.