TIps to Avoid Foot Injuries in Kenosha WI

TIps to Avoid Foot Injuries in Kenosha WI

Stress fractures and other ankle and foot injuries are common in athletes and sports enthusiasts. Tennis players, runners and basketball players should all follow certain training rules to avoid nagging Foot Injuries in Kenosha WI. Here, athletes will get some precautions and tips that can help to prevent foot problems.

Take Time to Warm Up

Before engaging in strenuous exercise, participants should warm their muscles by jogging slowly or stretching for at least three minutes. Be careful not to bounce during stretches, as this can cause the very injuries one is trying to prevent.

Slowly Build Muscle and Strength

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are strong feet and ankles. Gradually build surrounding muscles with proper conditioning, which can be done over several weeks by slowly increasing the weight and/or intensity involved in daily workouts.

Wear Comfortable, Proper Fitting Shoes

Runners and other athletes should take the effort and time to find comfortable, supportive and proper fitting shoes. The shoe should match the activity, although cross-trainers can work across a variety of activities. It’s a good idea to replace shoes on a regular basis, and the very active should replace sneakers at least twice per year.

Look Before Stepping

Trail runners should be sure to watch for rocks, stumps and other uneven terrain, which are a leading cause of ankle injuries and foot fractures. When possible run on a soft surface such as dirt. The softer a running surface is, the less strain is placed on the knees, feet and ankles.

Pay Close Attention

If a person experiences pain during post-injury recovery, they should refrain from doing the same activities while healing. When enough time has passed for healing to be complete, start exercising again and be sure to pay attention to the signals sent by the body.

Athletes can take the above precautions to prevent ankle and Foot Injuries in Kenosha WI, but the most important rule is to use one’s common sense. By listening to their body, a patient can avoid long periods of inactivity due to a chronic ankle or foot injury. However, if one does suffer an injury, they should check out this site to schedule an appointment.