Visiting the Islands: Why Seeking Help at a Clinic in Maui Makes Sense

by | May 3, 2016 | Healthcare

People who are on vacation sometimes need medical attention. With their primary care physicians thousands of miles away, the question of where to turn is one that should be answered before a need arises. One solution is to get acquainted with what the local Clinic in Maui can provide. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

Help with Prescription Medication

If the patient should lose or run out of medication while visiting the Islands, it is not a given that the primary care physician can issue a new prescription that will be honored by the local pharmacies. When that is the case, choosing to see a medical professional at a local Clinic in Maui is the answer. The professional can contact the primary care physician, confirm that the patient is currently taking the medication in question, and check the dosage. Once those steps are taken, the professional can provide a prescription that the local pharmacies will honor.

Dealing with Injuries

Minor injuries can take place during a vacation, usually from some type of fall. While the injuries may not be severe, they do require immediate attention. The team at the clinic can assess the nature of the injury, take x-rays if needed, and in general do whatever needs to be done to get the patient on the path to healing.

Stomach Pains and Other Ailments

Nothing puts a damper on a vacation like developing stomach pains or staying in the sun a little too long. Fortunately, the team at the clinic can provide the attention needed to remedy the problems. Medication that helps soothe the stomach quickly will be on hand. Topical creams that help to take the sting out of the sunburn will make it easier to salvage whatever is left of the vacation time.

For anyone who needs medical attention, visit the Wailea Medical Center. Whatever the nature of the issue has to be, the services available at the facility will make it easier to secure the treatment needed. Once the health issue is under control, the visitor to the Islands can rest for a time, then get back to the business of enjoying the vacation.

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