Top Tips for Preventing Spinal Injuries

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Pain Management Physician

Spinal cord injuries send a lot of people to the Jacksonville Spine Center and can be something that gives people pain forever. If you are suffering from a spine injury, getting treatment is the first thing you should set out to do. There are a few tips for preventing injuries to the spine, however. If you follow these tips, you might just save yourself a great deal of pain. Read on below for some of them.

Drive Safely
Car crashes are one of the number one cause of spinal injuries. Seat belts not only save lives, they prevent injuries as well. Make sure that you are wearing yours any time you are driving or riding in a car, and always make sure that your children are buckled up as well.

Check the Depth of the Water Before Diving
Diving into shallow water is a disaster waiting to happen. Make sure that anywhere you go to dive is at least 9 feet deep. Never dive into an above ground pool, as there is no way it is deep enough. Also, you should never dive into lakes, ponds, or other areas where you don’t know the depth.

Work to Prevent Falls
To prevent falls, never climb on counters or chairs to reach things and place railings on stairs and steps. Make sure to use those railings, even if you feel steady; accidents do happen, and once they do the results can’t be changed.

These are just a few tips for preventing injuries to your spine and back. From preventing falls to driving safely, spinal injuries can be prevented if you are careful and watch what you’re doing. For more information on pain management of back aches and spine injuries, contact the professionals at Riverside Pain Management today.

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