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Using Innovative Medical Services and Devices to Heal Faster at Home

After you have undergone treatment for a major illness or injury, the last thing that you want to do is spend time in a nursing home. You want to go home to recuperate where you feel safer and more at ease. However, you cannot return home without the medical devices and services that you need to get better quickly. Using equipment designed for compression for lymphedema in Brampton, ON, can help you to avoid going back into a care facility and to look forward to regaining your health from the comforts of your own home instead.

Compression Garments

One of the biggest risks that patients face after surgery is the formation of blood clots. Clots can form quickly and pose a serious threat to your health. You may not even know that you have one until it has reached your heart, lung or brain.

To minimize the risks of blood clots, you could be advised to wear garments designed for compression for lymphedema in Brampton, ON. These garments typically will go on your legs, stomach and thighs. However, they also can be fitted on your arms or upper abdomen if needed. Your doctor will likely advise you to wear these garments for several days or longer for your own safety and health. You will also be encouraged to get up and walk with them on after a few days’ time at home.

Mobility Devices

Walking around after surgery or major medical treatment is vital to your recovery. However, you need to be able to do so safely. To help you avoid falls and stumbles, you can use a mobility device like a walker or a cane. These devices give you support for your upper body while steadying you as you walk.

You can find out more about medical devices for home recoveries online by contacting our professionals at ADAPT Home Health Care.