Veterinary Clinic in Leawood, KS Uses the Latest in Imaging to Make Diagnoses

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Animal Hospitals

X-rays, also known as radiographs, are powerful diagnostic tools which are regularly used to diagnose conditions involving the pulmonary, cardiac, abdominal, and musculoskeletal areas. An example of a veterinary clinic in Leawood, KS that makes use of digital radiography is Cherokee Animal Clinic. At this clinic and other clinics that offer this type of imaging, better diagnoses can be made. This type of radiograph allows the veterinarian to manipulate the imaging in various ways. This ability helps him or her to scrutinize the problem areas and to see things that are not easily seen on a traditional x-ray.

A Better Way to See Things

Digital images can readily be shared with various specialists. The doctor can either send a disk with the pet owner to the other doctor or he or she can email the x-rays to the specialist’s office. All digital radiographs that are taken at a veterinary clinic are examined by board-certified veterinary radiologists for a diagnostic confirmation. Access to “stat” radiological services are also available should an immediate consult be required in an emergency case. The combination of such services strengthens the quality of treatments that are offered to dogs and cats and greatly improves a pet’s overall health.

Ultrasound Imaging

In addition to digital radiography, veterinarians also use ultrasound to view a pet’s internal organs. This diagnostic tool creates highly detailed images that permit veterinarians to review heart function or to detect the size or location of foreign bodies in a pet’s stomach. Ultrasound is routinely used to perform bladder and abdominal sonograms as well as echocardiograms. The process can also be used at a veterinary clinic for non-invasive biopsies. Visit Cherokee Animal Clinic in leawood, KS for more information about pet care.

Fortunately, the use of ultrasound lowers the possible complications and high expense related to exploratory surgery. The pet owner can sit or stand beside his or her pet during the imaging process to calm the pet’s fears. Either kind of imaging can be performed during a regular office visit.

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