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What Services Can You Expect From a Root Canal Specialist in Toledo Ohio?

What Services Can You Expect From a Root Canal Specialist in Toledo Ohio?

Root canals are typically carried out on teeth that have become diseased due to severe decay or infection. If this procedure is not carried out, the tooth can sometimes experience necrosis and need to be extracted. When a tooth’s pulp becomes diseased, it is important a patient seeks the treatments available from a Root Canal Specialist Toledo Ohio. Prompt treatment can save a tooth and stop the unrelenting pain that is often present.

When a person sees the Root Canal Specialist Toledo Ohio, they will first have anesthesia administered. This is a vital part of the procedure because it ensures the patient will not feel any pain or discomfort as their tooth is worked on. Many individuals are concerned about the pain they will feel after the root canal has been carried out but most find the pain is very mild and likened to that of having a tooth pulled.

The dentist will open the tooth and begin to remove the soft pulp tissue and disease inside the tooth. It is important all of this tissue is removed so it will not continue to cause damage to the tooth. Using minute dental tools called canal files, the dentist will clean and shape the tiny canals located inside the tooth root. These tools ensure all of the diseased tissue is removed so the tooth health will no longer be compromised.

The Root Canal Specialist Toledo Ohio will then fill the tooth with a spongey, yet hard, dental material called gutta-percha. This material is made from latex and is used because it allows the tooth to contract and expand due to temperature changes in the mouth. This prevents cracking and helps to keep the tooth functioning normally. Browse the website for more details.

Because the gutta-percha is not hard enough to be used as a chewing surface, a hard sealant is added to the top of the tooth. This sealant ensures the tooth will be able to function normally and prevent damage so it can stay viable.

If you are in need of a root canal procedure and would like to schedule an appointment, contact the office of Kozy Paul S DDS & Associates in Toledo Ohio. With a root canal, your tooth health can be protected.