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What to Do If You Are Involved in A Car Accident

Imagine that you are driving along merrily along a road you regularly travel, when suddenly, a car at the intersection in front of you unexpectedly pulls out because the driver failed to notice you. You hit the brakes hard but it was not enough and CRASH! The two of you collide.

You have just been involved in a car accident. In situations like these, it is of utmost importance to remain calm and remember to take these steps.

Immediately after Collision

Immobilize your vehicle by disengaging the transmission and engaging the parking brake in order to keep your car from causing even more damage. Check on yourself and your passengers, if any, to see if there are any injuries requiring immediate attention. If it is safe to do so, exit the vehicle and assess the damage done to it. Take pictures of the collision for evidence and take note of the registration number of the other vehicle involved. Finally, depending on the protocol, call law enforcement.

After Collision

A car accident involves a lot of force acting on the soft body of a human being. While injuries resulting from low speed collision cases would typically not require medical attention in order to fully recover, some car accident injuries may not be obvious to the naked eye. Brain injuries and other traumatic internal injuries may occur and only subtle physical symptoms such as dizziness may be present. So if you have some lingering effects after the car accident, consult a doctor that specializes in car accident-related injuries as soon as you are able. They would have the equipment, training and experience to give you a proper diagnostic of your condition and if there are any hidden injuries in your body that should be treated in order to prevent long term damage.

If you are living in or around Orlando, MD Diagnostic Specialists is one such medical outfit with doctors that focus on diagnosing traumatic injuries on the human body, such as those that can be found to be caused by a car accident. For more information about Orlando car accident doctor visit their website.