Why a Surgeon Who Cares is Right for You

by | May 10, 2016 | Dermatology

Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently completed cosmetic surgeries in the United States.  Woman all have their own personal reasons for having their breasts done.  When you start researching breast augmentation surgeons in the Chicago area one of the details you want to be looking for is an office that not only provides you with excellent surgical care but the same level of aftercare.

After Having a Mastectomy

One could arguably say that this is not a reason why a woman would want an augmentation.  Actually in these cases it is breast reconstruction.  There are women who have strong family histories of breast cancer or who have tested positively for the BRCA gene mutations and have undergone prophylactic mastectomies.  Then there are the women who have survived cancer, had mastectomies, and gone through treatment.  Not only do these surgeries require more than the normal augmentation surgery, they also require a surgeon with an adept touch who takes his time to understand what it is that each woman wants and needs to regain her sense of self.

Lost Weight – Good for You

Losing weight can be one of the healthiest things a woman can do for herself and whether you did it by surgical means or slow and steady, weight loss can also affect the shape and size of your breasts.  After losing weight the one thing you should be feeling is great pride in yourself with your tinier waist but if you are unhappy with the size of your breasts you can do something about that. There is nothing wrong at all with wanting them to be fuller and perkier to match your new shape and finding a surgeon who is willing to listen and understand to your hopes and fears is exactly what you deserve.

Dr. Michael Horn is a plastic surgery expert in Chicago, who performs breast augmentation surgery at The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

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