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Locating and Accessing Services during Your Pregnancy

Most cities and counties in every state are committed to helping women have the safest and healthiest pregnancies possible. They offer a multitude of programs designed to help women stay healthy, learn what they need to know about delivery and motherhood and gain access to food, housing, and other services needed for everyday well-being.

When you want to know where to find and access pregnancy services NJ mothers-to-be have a variety of places where you might be directed. The availability of services will depend on factors like your age, income, and overall health.

When it comes to accessing pregnancy services NJ mothers like you may find most of them available at your local county health department. The health department is a state and federally funded agency that by law has to offer a variety of services for pregnant women and new mothers. These services include Women, Infant, and Child nutritional services, healthy pregnancy and baby screenings, and vaccinations.

The WIC program is reserved for lower-income mothers and gives them access to food like fresh fruits, milk, and whole grains that are needed for a healthy pregnancy. Women on the program meet with a counselor or nutritionist every few months to ensure they are getting the nutrients they need during their pregnancies. They also learn about bottle feeding or nursing for their babies after delivery.

Women who cannot afford insurance or lack access to it may also qualify for Medicaid or another state-funded health insurance program. State-subsidized insurance pays for most or all of a woman’s medical expenses during pregnancy. She also may be entitled to keep it for several months after she has the baby. This program is dependent on income, however, and whether or not the woman’s employer offers a group health insurance policy that she can buy at work.