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The Benefits of TECNIS Lenses in Smyrna, TN

An IOL, or intraocular lens, is an artificially fabricated lens utilized as a replacement for a natural lens damaged by cataracts. Similar to your natural lens, an IOL will focus light introduced through the pupil and cornea onto the retina, allowing you to see clearly without trouble. TECNIS lenses are similar to prescription glasses in that they can be tailored to each individual to help him or she see according to his or her unique vision needs.


There are three main types of TECNIS lenses in Smyrna, TN and the monofocal IOL is the oldest of the three. This type is designed to correct vision for only types of distance such as near, far, or intermediate vision. Most patients with these specific lenses choose to get them for long distance and use reading glasses when they are forced to read something in close proximity to their eyes.

Toric TECNIS lenses are monofocal lenses fabricated for people with astigmatism, allowing them the same benefits associated with the original design. An astigmatism is classified as a malformation of the cornea, which can cause either near- or far-sightedness in the sufferer. Click here to learn how these lenses can help make close objects appear clear and easily defined.

Multifocal, or accommodative, IOLs are utilized as a means to correct a person’s vision for many types of distance. With this option, you can completely eliminate the need to wear glasses in any setting. This type utilizes a series of focal zones or rings built into it and designed to allow you to see both far and nearby objects with ease. This can make a big difference if you have trouble with both.

These lenses are completely safe, and thousands enjoy them right now as a reliable solution to their eyesight problems. No matter the type you try, you should see a marked increase in the quality of your sight. This alone could be reason enough to consider the investment.