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Combatting the American Opioid Addiction Crisis

Combatting the American Opioid Addiction Crisis

Opioid drug use has skyrocketed in the United States in the last decade. With multiple areas having declared states of emergency in reaction to the growing number of people whose lives has been impacted or even ruined by these drugs, it is no wonder why so many Americans are looking for help with opiate addiction issues. Searches for drug rehab programs have become as common as queries about mainstream healthcare issues like vaccinations and preventative care. Finding facilities to help combat this addiction crisis can feel like a daunting task to those already in the middle of the chaos it brings.

Finding Solutions Close to Home

Americans often think of remote locations in international settings when they think of top-quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation, but nowhere is more suited to helping people recover from this very American issue than the facilities right here in the United States. California and Florida, in particular, boast large numbers of excellent locations for former addicts looking to turn their lives around

Delray Beach, FL has been a popular tourist location for surfing and oceanfront leisure since the 1960s. Since then, it has also become a smart choice for those looking to recover from opioid addiction while relaxing in a comfortable care environment. Drug rehab programs are plentiful in this area, with far more facilities per square mile than the national average. One reason for this is likely the tranquil, calming atmosphere and sunny scenery the area is known for, perfect as a backdrop to comfortable addiction treatment and detox.

How to Combat Drug Abuse in Your Community

Beating the monster of American drug addiction starts in our own communities. Some important steps people can take in combating this problem include:

  • Secure prescriptions properly and do not share them with others for any reason.
  • Only obtain medication through legitimate means.
  • Do not allow children or teenagers access to medication without supervision.
  • Talk to your children and teens about drug use and abuse, and how to say no when offered.

Working together, Americans can combat this all-too common problem from the community up, and work toward a less-addicted future