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Getting a Dental Implant in Waikoloa

Getting a Dental Implant in Waikoloa

Dental implants are commonly installed at some different clinics throughout Waikoloa. It is a slightly complicated procedure so you are required to first meet with your dentist and get a few tests done before the implants can be fixed in place. If you have a broken or a damaged tooth, you might be eligible to get an implant installed in your jaw. However, this is not the only factor that is taken into consideration before the dentist installs the implant. Here are a few things that you should know about getting a dental implant in Waikoloa.

Tests and Checks

Before an implant is installed in place, the dentist will refer you to get a series of tests and checks done. The doctor will require you to provide your medical history and will also ask you to get an X-ray done to check the density of the jawbone. This will help the dentist determine whether you are a viable candidate to get the implants installed or not. If you want to get a dental implant installed from a reputable dentist with experience anywhere in Waikoloa, you should check out our website.

The Procedure

Contrary to what most people think, the dental implant is installed within the jawbone. The dentist will drill into the jawbone and fix an implant in place. The implant is designed to hold the crown in place. The dentist will give you a few days so that the wound can heal before a crown is screwed within the implant. By the time the entire procedure comes to an end, you will have a new tooth installed in your jaw that will look very similar to the other teeth. It is fabricated and textured accordingly.