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How to Find the Right Prosthetic Hand in Mansfield, OH

How to Find the Right Prosthetic Hand in Mansfield, OH

Losing a hand to accident or illness can pose extreme challenges and limitations. Patients with amputated extremities often find that they have difficulty performing everyday tasks, but constant advances in the field of prosthetic limbs offer more hope and more options than ever before. Patients interested in using a Prosthetic Hand in Mansfield OH should know a little bit about their options before making a decision.

Almost all hand prostheses are composed of a few main parts. A socket which is fit onto the existing limb, a suspension that holds it in place, a shaft, and the main prosthesis. This can be designed to look just like a real hand, or for those with less concern about keeping up conventional appearances a hook or other device can be placed for added usability.

When fitting, the prosthesis measurements must be taken of both the corresponding limb and the remaining tissue from the amputated extremity. A soft cushioning material is usually inserted in the shaft to ensure a patient’s comfort and a usable fit. Some more advanced prostheses come with battery-powered motors that power the prosthetic hand or hook and allow for added range of motion. Battery powered prostheses also improve the grip strength of a Prosthetic Hand in Mansfield OH.

When choosing which prosthetic hand will best suit an individual patient, several factors must be taken into account. The level of the amputation, how much of the limb is left after surgery and the condition of the natural limb comprise the basic physical limitations on which prosthesis will be appropriate. In addition, a patient must evaluate their normal level of activity and what specific tasks they wish to be able to perform using the prosthesis. Also give some thought to how important it is that the prosthesis accurately reproduces a natural human hand.

Patients who have already lost a hand or are currently making plans for amputation surgery have their work cut out for them during recovery, but making plans to find the right prosthetic can greatly improve their chances of regaining a level of normal functioning. Visit the Website for more information about prosthetic hands and other limbs or to schedule a free initial consultation.