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What To Expect At A Drug Testing Clinic In Pennsylvania

What To Expect At A Drug Testing Clinic In Pennsylvania

It has become the standard procedure for most jobs require potential employees to go through a drug screening. This is to prevent the possibility of placing someone in a position that might not only be harmful to him or her, but to others as well. The primary purpose of a drug test is to detect the presence and maybe even the amount of drugs in a person’s body. This is not just limited to illegal drugs, but prescription drugs as well. For those individuals or companies who need such a test done, there is a Drug Testing Clinic in Pennsylvania that provides such services.

Companies can send their employees or prospective employees to the clinic for a standard drug test, as a condition of employment, or a random drug test, to ensure that employees are still in compliance. The way the drug tests are conducted usually are through blood samples, urine samples or hair samples. In the case of the urine samples, the presence of a medical technician or nurse may be required to ensure the sample actually belongs to the tested individual.

Other types of drug testing done that are not normally used are the breath test (used primarily to test for alcohol content), the oral fluids test, such as saliva, and the sweat test. In any case, companies who need to have their employees tested find it easier to send the employee to a clinic that performs drug tests. The many tests that employers send employees to be tested for include, but are not limited to, post-accident tests, tests because of reasonable suspicion, tests that are done periodically, and tests for the return to work, after being out for a while.

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