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How a Prosthetic Hand in Columbus OH Works

A Prosthetic Hand in Columbus OH can improve a person’s quality of life significantly by letting them engage a number of the same activities they did before losing a limb. There are prosthetic and non-functional or passive hands that are created to look like a person’s natural hand. However, when it comes to functional prosthetic hands, the devices can vary regarding how much movement control and range of motion is provided. Learn about the two basic types of prosthetic hands here.


A body-powered Prosthetic Hand in Columbus OH is just as the name suggests. The “power” is scientifically engineered and allows the prosthetic hand to work based on human movement, instead of an external source of energy. A cable system or harness is used to enable the power. There are specific body movements that will trigger the ability of the hand and how it opens and closes.


Another option is a myoelectric prosthetic hand. This works to harness the power of the muscles and nerves in the residual arm to teach the prosthetic hand how it should move. The modern myoelectric hands will use rechargeable batteries to power the transmitters.

Advanced Systems

There are new advanced prosthetic hands that have fingers that can move on their own. These represent the newest options and are working to expand the possibilities of current technology. When this type of prosthetic hand is selected, it will cost more, but the ability it has surpasses the other options altogether.

It is best to work with a doctor to determine which type of prosthetic hand is the right one for a person. They can evaluate the ability of the person and the residual limb to figure out what option is best. Being informed is the best way to ensure the right type of prosthetic hand is selected. Additional help and information can be found by visiting the website. Being informed is the best way to ensure the right type of prosthetic hand is selected for a person who is missing a limb and wants to regain the ability to do things they did in the past.