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Services Offered by Home Care Agencies in Chevy Chase

Services Offered by Home Care Agencies in Chevy Chase

It’s an unfortunate reality that age brings with it more than just a lifetime’s worth of cherished memories. It also brings extra challenges, such as difficulty performing daily home care tasks, mobility issues, and trouble managing personal hygiene. Different people choose to deal with these problems in a variety of ways. Some opt for moving into an assisted living facility or a nursing home, while others have family who can provide extra care. No matter what kind of living situation an elderly person is in, if mobility and daily care are issues, Home Care Agencies in Chevy Chase can help. Just keep reading to find out about a few types of home care services that are available.

Geriatric Care and Management

Clients interested in receiving in-home geriatric care often require a variety of services. Managing these services to ensure the best possible care is being provided, not just for the patient’s health, but also for his or her well-being, can be a challenge. That’s why coordinated care is so important. Depending on the patient’s unique needs, this form of care may involve escorts to appointments, arrangements for home care services, reviewing financial and other legal issues, and providing family or caregiver counseling and support. Assistance is also available for move-ins to assisted living facilities.

Specialized Care

Those with physical or mental health conditions often require specialized care. Specialized in-home services can be tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Personal Care

Personal care is typically offered by trained and vetted caregivers. It might include everything from laundry and light housekeeping to dressing, bathing, and caring for other aspects of personal hygiene.

Health Care

Health care services are always performed by a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. They may include cardiac and respiratory care, diabetic care, managing medications, targeted range-of-motion exercises, nutrition therapy, and more. This form of in-home care is frequently utilized by younger patients who need help with post-operative care as well.

Whether a client lives alone or with family, home care agencies in Chevy Chase can arrange services that can dramatically improve their quality of life.