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Signs That You May Have a Substance Abuse Problem in Minneapolis

It’s difficult admitting you or a loved one may have a chemical dependency. However, addiction will announce itself through signs and symptoms every time. If you notice any of the following red flags of chemical dependency, then you should consider looking into treatment for substance abuse in Minneapolis.

Strained Relationships With Friends and Family

Chemical dependency is notorious for being a wedge in relationships. Drugs and alcohol do drive themselves between people, and old friendships and deep family bonds suffer. Friends and family should try to understand that this divisive behavior is the product of a disease with physiological and psychological causes and that professional medical help is needed to address the situation.

Declining Work Ethic and Performance

When addiction has a hold of you, your work will most likely suffer. Your productivity will drop, and your work relationships may deteriorate. When the addiction grows, you may eventually stop going to work or may be asked to leave.

Money Troubles

It is very difficult to maintain a growing drug habit and stay financially stable. Addiction drains pockets and bank accounts. Irrational thoughts and decisions cause fiscally responsible people to do a 180 and waste their money.

Lowered Standards

If a loved one is battling with addiction, you will notice that certain standards that were once important to them are now meaningless or have much less significance. For example, chemical dependency will often result in lowered hygiene standards.

Problems With the Law

A telltale sign of substance abuse is new law enforcement problems. Chemical dependency causes all manner of irrational thoughts and behaviors. People who were once calm and reasonable individuals can find themselves breaking the law to find relief for their addiction.

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