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Tips on Feeding Warming Meats or Cooling Meats for Your Cats and Dogs to Combat Food Allergies

Tips on Feeding Warming Meats or Cooling Meats for Your Cats and Dogs to Combat Food Allergies

Humans in all cultures and civilizations since millennia, more especially if they live alone rear pets, mostly dogs or cats, to fulfil their need for mutual love and companionship. Pets seem to have a faithfulness to their masters and mistresses and have been, in many cases, instrumental in saving human lives at the cost of their own.

Dog Food

As per Asian medical tradition, dogs fall into two main categories as far as food being fed to them are concerned. Precise Dog Food is scientifically created and can help with ensuring your pets are fed with the right food for their body type to limit and reduce allergies that can arise due to what they eat.

Body Types?

Your dog could be possessing a body type that is “hot” and preferably should be fed cooling or neutral foods. These dogs may display the following symptoms:

  • They suffer from allergies often
  • Look for cooler places to rest or sleep
  • Keep panting even when resting
  • Their eyes are reddish in color
  • May be restless most times
  • Skin may be warm to the touch
  • May not be able to sleep with their human masters due to overheating

If your dog has the opposite type of body type that is “cold,” then it should be fed warming foods. Your dog will display some of these symptoms:

  • Look for warmer places to rest and sleep
  • Are calm most of the time
  • May have no issues sleeping with their humans
  • Sometimes show less appetite

Your Pet Food Store

Check out Earth Pets for more information on Precise Dog Food. They have retail outlets in both Jacksonville and Gainesville, Florida. they offer only pet food that is considered healthful and safe, and produced using ethical practices.

They can be contacted through the contact form on their website. You can also call them on to talk to one of their friendly staff members.