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To Have an MRI Is to Peer Into the Future of Healthcare Technology

MRI imaging is an extremely effective technique for diagnosing and monitoring patient treatment progress. The technology has been in use for decades and is extremely reliable. In the last two decades technological advances have changed the clunking machines we associate with MRI imaging into sleek, welcoming experiences.

Warmth Via Technology

Many of the new features added to MRI machines are focused on making the experience more comfortable and welcoming to the patient. Some machines now include light displays, voice acting, and games to make patients feel more at ease. Also, the imposing nature of the machine has been altered by better technologies that require less space to produce the same accuracy in measurements.

Better Ability to Diagnose

The advances in MRI imaging have resulted in less time in the machine and clearer readings. Because of improvements in MRI software scans now take about half the time to complete, and capabilities such as 3D interactivity have become possible. These become tools for better diagnosis and explanatory tools for informing patients on their progress.

Eliminates Loneliness

Improvements in connectivity of machinery and components allow for greater communication between the control room and the waiting room. This means that patients, their physicians, and their families can stay in touch during the scan. The process ceases to be intimidating isolation, and instead, it becomes a first step that everyone can approach together.

Advances in MRI scanning technology have been extensive in the past 10 years. The result is an experience that doesn’t intimidate patients and their families nor leaves them with a feeling of dread. The incorporation of upgradeable software, interactive programs, and better communication technology has heightened the experience to one of hope. MRI machines are no longer huge, loud, fear-inducing machines, thus allowing patients and hospital staff to feel more comfortable with recommending their use.