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What is a Sport Massage in Honolulu HI Compared to a “Regular” Massage?

What is a Sport Massage in Honolulu HI Compared to a “Regular” Massage?

The message when it comes to different types of massages may be intentionally vague. It seems there is no obvious consensus on what a Sport massage in Honolulu HI is compared to any other kind of massage. It will take a little patience, but guests can learn the basics of what a sport massage generally consists of. There are three distinct differences that make a sport massage a little different than the other breeds of massaging.

The Intensity

There are typically two schools of thought from Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage Honolulu HI. A massage can be comforting or it can be practical. It is usually both. But, is the main to relieve and comfort (as in a couple’s romantic massage) or to relieve pain and tension (something more common with a chiropractor). Sports massages are usually more practical. Due to this, they are often more intense. They may not last as long as an hour-plus romance massage, but they get the job done.


Timing is extremely vital. A sports massage revolves around timing. It isn’t something that is casually done at a convenient time. Sometimes, it may be done hours before a sporting event. It may need to be done the following day of a major sporting event. The timing matters.

The Intention

The intention of the massage harkens back to the two schools of thought- relaxation or relief. The intent matters here because it dictates the main “goal” of the massage. Some clients ask for a sports massage to increase performance. Others will ask for one to aid a particular area that is injured. These two requests require very different approaches for the Sport massage. One is refined and practical. It may deploy certain aggressive techniques. A more “preparatory” massage will be broader, and use broad hand motions that work on many different areas.

The basics are the same. The Sport massage in Honolulu HI will work on trouble areas, relieve tension, and be applied on the legs, thighs, back, and shoulders predominantly. But, the unique features of a sports massage (i.e. the added intensity and timing) will give it a particular edge for sport enthusiasts.