Do You Need a Nose Surgeon? Choose the Best In Lisle, IL

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Plastic Surgeon

If you’re considering a surgical procedure to alter the shape and proportion of your face or make it easier to breathe, you’ll need to choose your nose surgeon very carefully. Lisle, IL residents have a variety of choices, which is why it’s important to focus on each person’s qualifications before making a final decision.

Research Credentials

Your first step should be getting a list together of qualified professionals. Once you have a small list of about three or four, you should research each person’s credentials. One thing to look for in a nose surgeon is to ensure that they are Board Certified in Otolaryngology or Plastic Surgery. Board certification isn’t a requirement in Lisle, IL, but those who have it have more training and may understand the aesthetic and functional aspects of the surgery better.

Nasal Surgery Specialty

Again, you can choose any plastic surgery professional, but it is wise to pick someone who specializes in nasal surgery or who completes many procedures a year. These people work very closely and more often with noses, so they understand the different structures and considerations. You may ask the doctor how many nasal surgeries they do each year to give you a better idea of their skills.

Before/After Results

By now, you probably have narrowed down your list of choices, so you can request before and after photos of real patients they’ve helped in the past. If the photographs aren’t posted online, they should have folders or portfolios available in their office.


Technologically-advanced practices may have simulators that can show you results based on a current photo, though not every surgical practice has this software.

A nose surgeon can help you reshape the nasal area and help you breathe easier. Visit the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery in Lisle, IL at to learn more.

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